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Here you’ll find my semi-professional (not really) opinion on various beers.

Six-Pack Saturday: Daredevil Brewing Company’s Liftoff American IPA

It’s time for Six-Pack Saturday’s triumphant return. Seeing as this is the first one of 2016, I decided it was an appropriate time for a small change to Six-Pack Saturday. I previously separated taste and drinkability into two different categories. The two seem to overlap a good portion of the time, so I am henceforth combining them into one category: taste (clever name eh?).

Being the first Six-Pack Saturday of the year, it seems only fitting that I review one of my favorite styles of beer – the IPA. This time around I’m trying something very local, Daredevil Brewing Company‘s Liftoff American IPA. Let’s drink this thing!

The Basics

Daredevil Brewing Co. was founded in 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana, by Bill Ballinger, Michael Pearson, and Shane Pearson. Their brewery is located five blocks away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the home of the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400. Daredevil Brewing Co. has six special brews and their year round brew, Liftoff American IPA.

Liftoff American IPA is described as a hoppy West Coast Style IPA. It clocks in at a hefty 7.2% ABV, with an IBU of 72. Is this beer worthy of its Speedway heritage? Let’s find out.

The Taste

Daredevil wasn’t lying when they described this beer as hoppy. The hops are immediately noticeable when sipping this. They give the beer that almost citrus-like flavor IPAs often have, but without the bitterness. In fact, Liftoff is extremely smooth, and dare I say it, refreshing.

Despite the high ABV of this beer, it’s surprisingly easy to drink as well. There’s no bite or bitterness to be found here. My fiancee, who generally dislikes IPAs, even found this one to be smooth and enjoyable.


Upon drinking this beer, it’s easy to see why Daredevil Brewing Co. brews it year round. It’s smooth, very flavorful, and downright pleasant. I could see this being especially refreshing in the summer. As a seasoned IPA drinker, I am very impressed. I give this one ten out of ten hops. To those of you hesitant to try IPAs, do yourself a solid and hunt this one down. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some unopened cans of Liftoff that need some attention.

Cheers, Daredevil Brewing Co!

Cheers, Daredevil Brewing Co!

(Sloppy) Six-Pack Saturday: Great Divide Brewing Company’s Colette Farmhouse Ale

When I originally came up with the idea of Six-Pack Saturday, I imagined a review in which I pick a six-pack of beer and drink the entire thing, then review it. I never went through with it, as I figured the end result would be far too messy and unprofessional (not that professionalism is a concern around here). Well, it’s been over a year since Landlocked Living launched, and I feel it’s time I do a proper Six-Pack Saturday. For this special, Sloppy Six-Pack Saturday, I’m going to be quenching my thirst with Great Divide Brewing Company’s Colette, a “rustic farmhouse ale.” I’ll also be using a slightly different format with this one, covering the basics as usual but also describing the beer as I go through the entire six-pack. Buckle up, readers, it’s going to be a wild ride. Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: Falls City’s Hipster Repellent

Hipsters. They’re everywhere. You probably know one. You might be one. Love them or hate them, hipsters and hipster culture are becoming increasingly prevalent in society everyday. They also have a new enemy: Falls City’s Hipster Repellent. Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: Left Handed Brewing Company Milk Stout

I first heard of milk stout a year ago. I remember thinking it sounded horrible. The name alone raises a lot of questions: Is this milk and beer? Is this milk made from beer? Is this real life?

Needless to say, after a year of curiosity and seeing the stuff on the shelves of various stores, I finally caved and bought some. Left Hand Brewing Company finally broke me. You hear that Left Hand Brewing? You win! And boy am I glad. Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: Tap Room No. 21 Copper Lager

Now that my computer is once again alive and well, I’m proud to present you all with another edition of Six-Pack Saturday. This round I’ll be reviewing Tap Room No. 21’s Copper Lager. I love lagers and I love honey, so what can go wrong? Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: Quaff On! Brewing Company’s Hare Trigger IPA

It’s no secret that I love IPAs (that’s India Pale Ale for you non-beer drinkers). IPAs are easily one of the most controversial beers among beer fanatics, as people tend to love them or hate them. The beer equivalent of espresso, IPAs pack a massive punch and an intense flavor. This week I’ll be reviewing Quaff On! Brewing Company’s Hare Trigger IPA: a hoppy brew that packs more hops than a herd of bunnies. Also, I have no idea what the technical term for a group of bunnies is. Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: Third Shift Amber Lager

My future in-laws have been visiting from Texas, bringing with them tales of barbecue, music, brews, and memories of our last visit to the Lone Star State. Feeling overly nostalgic and knowing a Six-Pack Saturday was long overdue, I decided to review the Third Shift Amber Lager, brewed by Band of Brewers in Fort Worth, Texas. Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: Abita Brewing Company’s Purple Haze

Seeing as a new edition of Six-Pack Saturday was long overdue, I decided to try a beer I normally wouldn’t pluck from the shelf. Those of you that know me personally or have followed my past Six-Pack Saturdays know by now that I generally prefer darker beers, IPAs, and anything with a strong flavor. This week’s beer, Abita Brewing Company’s Purple Haze, doesn’t hit any of these criteria, but still has a few surprises in store. Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: The One Where I’m Really Broke

Readers, it’s that magical time of year: Christmas. The trees are all leafless, the air is getting colder, and the top pop hits on the radio have been replaced by Bing Crosby. Furthering the magic of the season are Christmas miracles, one of which is that I’ve almost completed all of my Christmas shopping. On the one hand this fills my heart with great joy, as I now know I won’t be buying everyone’s gifts a week before Christmas in a ravenous frenzy. The downside to this early shopping is the holiday hammering my wallet has taken. Continue reading

Six-Pack Saturday: Summit Brewing Company’s Horizon Red IPA

Last Saturday I promised my readers – all five of you – that I would be doing two Six-Pack Saturdays in a row. Well, being a man of my word, I present to you the last Six-Pack Saturday of November!

This week I will be imbibing Summit Brewing Company’s Horizon Red IPA, which was featured in a Winter Sampler I picked up. Before diving into the basics, it’s worth noting that the Winter Ale, which is also present in the Winter Sampler, is excellent. Continue reading

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