With you, every day is like the first day

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of being an archaeologist.

I didn’t know about bills, taxes, responsibilities, or any of that adult nonsense. I just knew I wanted to go on adventures and dig up mummies. Like most childhood dreams, that one was beaten down by reality and faded away. But that dream has recently returned to me, in a way.

Now that Raylan is seven months old – don’t ask me where the time went – he’s starting to really take notice of things. By things, I mean everything.

I see cars driving down the street. He sees a giant mythical titan of metal and noise.

I see a spot on the wall that needs to be painted. He sees entertainment for the next five minutes.

I see a ceiling fan that’s struggling to keep me cool. He sees himself getting dizzy and laughing for thirty seconds.

Everything is an absolute wonder to behold in his eyes. And it’s incredible.

While he can’t quite vocalize his thoughts yet, his giant round eyes and joyous squealing sounds tell me he’s loving every second of life. It’s all so new and exciting to him, so how he could not love it? And let’s not forget his kick-ass mom, who makes him laugh by simply looking at him.

Watching Raylan’s little growing brain blossom into a curious mind full of joy and excitement has reminded me of the adventure we all so often take for granted – life.

Just as Raylan is experiencing life for the first time, I too feel as if I’m seeing the world with new eyes, thanks to him.

Walking into my favorite coffee shop with him in my arms and seeing his eyes light up reminded me why I love going there in the first place. Or taking a bite of a burger, as I’ve done so many times in my life, and watching his little hands reach for it as he smiles, reminds me of the moment I fell in love with that food.

He may only be seven months old, but he’s had the most monumental impact in my life. I can’t even begin to fathom where the next seven months will take us, let alone the next seven years.

Tomorrow, I want you to wake up and see everything as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it. Sip your favorite beer and remember why you like it in the first place. Go and hug your favorite person and remind yourself of the moment you knew you loved them. (Just try not to squeal in their ear.)

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