Super Bowl Grub – Spicy Little Smokies

So you’re about to host a Super Bowl party and you don’t have any snacks available. Well fear not, as I’ve got a whopping single idea to throw your way! If you like spicy meats and material ripe for immature jokes, then you need to pick up some little wieners and spicy barbecue sauce, because we’re making Spicy Little Smokies.

What you’ll need:

-One package of little smokies (I used Hillshire Farm brand)

-A bottle of barbecue sauce (I used Bonz brand spicy barbecue sauce, but you can’t go wrong with Kraft original)

-A crockpot or a large pot and stove (crockpot is ideal for lazy reasons)

Open your package of little smokies and throw them into your crockpot or pot.


Next, pour in a generous amount of barbecue sauce. It should look like a crime scene inside the pot when you’re finished.

Once everything is in your crockpot or pot, set it to medium heat for 30 minutes and cover. When guests arrive, turn the heat down to low to keep them warm. Lastly, grab your favorite beer and serve!

Good luck with your hangover tomorrow. May your Monday workday go quickly!

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