I need to stop doing this


If I had a purity ring representative of the promises I’ve made to you guys, it would be coated with kind words and cow dung. I’m only human (definitely not a cyborg). Please forgive me, for the umpteenth time, for taking MONTHS off of writing. I was in a writing funk, distracted by new Christmas toys, planning major life events, daydreaming about moving, looking at houses we could only afford if we took up organ farming, eating tons of food, visiting friends, and not writing. Did I mention I’m sorry?

Now that we’ve made amends, boy do we have some catching up to do. For starters, Valerie and I are officially a mere 8 months away from our wedding. It seems like only yesterday that we had nearly 2 years to plan for the wedding that we haven’t been doing a lot of planning for oh God why haven’t we been planning more it’s almost here everyone panic – sorry. Kidding aside, we have gotten a ton of planning done! During Thanksgiving break we visited with Valerie’s family. While there we went and saw our future wedding venue, tasted tons of wonderful cupcakes, looked at swatches (I’ve always wanted to say that), and found our future apartment. In essence, we kicked some wedding ass. Also, why didn’t anyone tell us these wedding things are a lot of work?

Following Thanksgiving (and 12 hours of nonstop rain on our way home), I entered the “It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t done any shopping” panic. Every year I tell myself this won’t happen, but it always does. Thankfully I managed to make a mad dash for nearby stores and Amazon and get everything I needed, except for Valerie’s primary gifts. Wait, that’s not a “thankfully” moment. I’m still rusty on this whole writing thing. Her gifts did arrive shortly after Christmas, so she had a little post-Christmas present unwrapping!

Christmas came and went in a flash. Presents were exchanged, food was consumed, drinks were had, merriment was in the air, and snow was nowhere to be found. El Nino, I will kill you one day. Oh yeah, I also had a birthday and turned 27. That’s something.


That brings us to now…ish. It finally snowed. It was a little late, but I’ll take it. Valerie and I had been hoping for snow, as it would make for some awesome engagement photos. Unfortunately the snow came on a little strong and prevented our photographer from making the trip to our neck of the woods. We did manage to snap a few of our own photos though, so it wasn’t a total loss! And we had some killer breakfast at Scholars Inn Bakehouse, a local favorite of ours. That might not sound noteworthy, but I love breakfast.

During my entire Landlocked sabbatical, I did do some fiction writing for the first time in years. It was refreshing, albeit fruitless. I started several stories, abandoned several stories, and wound up back here. I also debated starting another website for the sake of having a satirical outlet. This debate ended about an hour ago, when it dawned on me, “I have this wonderful place.” So here I am! Stay tuned? Is that appropriate when I manage to fall off the map for months at a time? Eh, what the hell!


Stay tuned, folks!

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