Six-Pack Saturday: Falls City’s Hipster Repellent

Hipsters. They’re everywhere. You probably know one. You might be one. Love them or hate them, hipsters and hipster culture are becoming increasingly prevalent in society everyday. They also have a new enemy: Falls City’s Hipster Repellent.

The Basics

Falls City has had one heck of a journey, beginning in 1905. The biggest brewers in Louisville, Kentucky, had all banded together and created a super brewer. Like all monopolies, this created a demand for competition. Ben Schrader spearheaded an operation to combat the brewing problem in Louisville, and with the help of a few local tavern owners, formed Falls City. Their popularity exploded, seeing them surpass 75,000 annual barrels in 1911. They went on to survive prohibition, but later closed in 1978. They then sold their rights to the Heileman Brewing Company, who made their beer available in Evansville, Indiana. Heileman was then sold to Pittsburgh Brewing, who pushed the beer’s flavor to the lighter end of the spectrum for marketing reasons. This didn’t sit well with their seasoned beer drinkers.

Falls City is now back in their old form, offering various brews with bolder, stronger flavors. This week I will be reviewing their wonderfully named, Hipster Repellent, and India Pale Ale (IPA) with citrus and pine flavors.


The Taste

Being an IPA, I expected Hipster Repellent to be extremely hoppy and bitter. This was not the case. The first noticeable thing about this beer is the citrus flavor. Orange is immediately present, followed by subtler notes of hops. The taste is rather surprising, given the IPA title. It is however, very tasty. If you’re a diehard IPA fan, you might be disappointed. For those of you looking for a different flavor, this could be right up your alley.


As a fan of IPAs, I expect them to be bitter and sometimes, a tough pill to swallow. Contrary to this, Hipster Repellent is very pleasant to drink. The hops don’t give it the bitterness found with most IPAs, and the citrus makes it refreshing to sip. At only 5% ABV, I also found it to be suitable for repeat drinking. Falls City notes on their website that they specialize in session beers. If Hipster Repellent is any indication of their other brews, I’d say they hit the mark.


Despite not having the traditional characteristics of an IPA, I found Hipster Repellent to be a very enjoyable beer. I can’t say I would recommend it to someone looking for a traditional IPA, but if you want something new and different, it’s definitely worth a drink. I will absolutely be looking for more Falls City beers on the shelf, and wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up Hipster Repellent again. Now if only it would keep hipsters from stealing my favorite things. I liked craft beer before it was cool…

Cheers, landlocked boozers!
Cheers, landlocked boozers!

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