Six-Pack Saturday: Quaff On! Brewing Company’s Hare Trigger IPA

It’s no secret that I love IPAs (that’s India Pale Ale for you non-beer drinkers). IPAs are easily one of the most controversial beers among beer fanatics, as people tend to love them or hate them. The beer equivalent of espresso, IPAs pack a massive punch and an intense flavor. This week I’ll be reviewing Quaff On! Brewing Company’s Hare Trigger IPA: a hoppy brew that packs more hops than a herd of bunnies. Also, I have no idea what the technical term for a group of bunnies is.

Before any of you call me on my BS:  I realize this is not a six-pack.
Before any of you call me on my BS – I realize this is not a six-pack.

The Basics

Quaff On! Brewing Company was founded by Big Woods Brewing Company, a brewer in Nashville, Indiana. Big Woods Brewing Company began as a project of passion in 2009, when three friends decided they wanted to bring microbrewing to Nashville. They quickly established a following in their hometown, and realized their need for another brewing location. In 2012 they branched out to Bloomington, Indiana, forming Quaff On! Brewing Company. They now have four different locations and can be found at retailers all across Indiana.


As is the case with most IPAs, the first thing I noticed when drinking Hare Trigger was the abundance of hops. The hops give the beer a citrus-like flavor, while the malt gives it a pleasant smoothness. There is a definite bite here, but it’s nowhere near as strong as some IPAs I’ve tasted. The seasoned IPA drinker will likely not even notice the bite or bitterness. Overall, the flavor is very crisp, earthy, and enjoyable.



Oftentimes IPAs are rather heavy and can be a rough ride going down. This is not the case with Hare Trigger. Despite its high level of hops, it is very easy to drink and surprisingly, nowhere near as heavy as other beers in its class. Through and through, this is a beer that doesn’t put up a fight.


I’ve enjoyed my time with Hare Trigger, and definitely plan on picking it up again. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend getting it at Quaff On! or Big Woods Village, as this beer is even tastier straight from the tap. Hare Trigger may not make any converts out of IPA naysayers, but for those who like a good IPA, it is a pleasant and affordable treat. Quaff On! has made a brew that Hoosiers can be proud of.

Quaff your heart out!
Quaff your heart out!

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