Six-Pack Saturday: Third Shift Amber Lager

My future in-laws have been visiting from Texas, bringing with them tales of barbecue, music, brews, and memories of our last visit to the Lone Star State. Feeling overly nostalgic and knowing a Six-Pack Saturday was long overdue, I decided to review the Third Shift Amber Lager, brewed by Band of Brewers in Fort Worth, Texas.


The Basics

Third Shift Amber Lager is a mysterious brew at first glance. The only information available on the six-pack is a Fort Worth address under the name, Band of Brewers. The package itself is very minimalistic, giving it a microbrewer aesthetic. The bottles themselves have a very artsy look to them, again, making them look like a microbrew. Furthermore, I found it at Kroger in the microbrew and craft beer section, nestled between some Abita brews and Bell’s. At this point I was fairly certain I was purchasing a legitimate craft beer.

Following the day of testing the beer, I did even more digging. Upon looking up Third Shift Amber Lager, I found a very basic website that gave little to no information. I did some more digging, and eventually found that Third Shift is in fact brewed by MillerCoors, under the name, Band of Brewers. I won’t take this into account when judging the beer, just know that you are paying craft beer prices for a macrobrew.

Family Guy Phony


Third Shift Amber Lager, like many amber lagers, has a very malty flavor. This gives it a smooth flavor that would pair well with beer bread and the like. There is no detectable bite or bitterness whatsoever.


This is one easy drinking beer. There’s no bite, bitterness, or heft to it, making it a smooth ride. While it’s not the most exciting beer, it’s rather light and could easily be enjoyed throughout the night. I generally prefer quality over quantity, but if you’re looking for a something that could easily be consumed over the course of several hours, this could be the droid beer you’re looking for.


While I previously enjoyed this beer for the most part, I can’t help but feel a bit soured at the intentional misdirection their faux branding causes. That being said, I must say that this is easily one of MillerCoor’s better offerings. I was lucky enough to purchase it on a sale as well, so I can’t complain about the price. Overall, this is a decent beer that is on par with its sale price. If you find it for right around $7, I’d say go for it, just don’t expect to get the craft beer it’s pretending to be.

Cheers, you shady bastards.
Cheers, you shady bastards.

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