A Case of the Mundane: I like jeans

Jeans: Most people wear them. I myself am a huge fan of jeans. I’d wager they’re the most useful article of clothing available to mankind. Clothing makers seem to recognize the importance of jeans as well, as there are several million variations of them available in stores (that’s not an overstatement, I did my homework). Despite the several billion choices of jeans available, I have managed to find a favorite brand – Levi. The plot thickens though, as Levi makes several trillion variations of jeans within their own brand. So how is one supposed to know which ones are worth buying? I’ll tell you how – extensive trial and error. Or you can read this article. Actually, go that route. Forget I ever told you about trial and error, that’s for chumps.

I’ve been wearing Levi jeans for as long as I can remember. I strayed from the path a few times and tried other brands, like Urban Pipeline and Wrangler. Sadly, they never had the fit I was looking for. Within Levi I’ve found two particular fits I swear by. Let’s start with Levi’s 527 slim boot cut jeans.

The 527 is one comfortable pair of pants. The denim is fairly thick, but not so thick as to be immovable or stiff. Like other boot cut jeans, they flare out at the bottom and hug the thighs nicely. They also have the nice large pockets that women envy (sorry, ladies). They’re available in several colors, from your standard dark blue to jet black, so you’re sure to find some that match your taste.

They look way better with legs in them, I promise.
They look way better with legs in them, I promise.

When I first started wearing the 527’s, my biggest concern was whether or not the denim would wear thin enough to rip, as some of my thinner Levi jeans had in the past. Fortunately, the 527’s are as tough as nails. I sit at a desk for a good portion of the week – and my life – and have yet to see any tears in the knees of my current, two-year-old pair. I’ve also kneeled on pavement with them, spilled things on them, and acted as the launch pad for riled up cats (those claws do serious damage to just about anything). Still, these jeans are in great shape. I am so pleased with them that I’ve got about four pairs of them now. They can be a bit pricey at right around $60; however, they often go on sale at Macy’s and can be found for under $40 a pair.

Not even this little monster could destroy the mighty 527's.
Not even this little monster could destroy the mighty 527’s.

Next up is 514, Levi’s straight fit jean. These are you standard, no bells and whistles jeans. The legs are both straight, as the name implies, and they still sport the same gloriously large pockets. Like the 527’s, they’re available in several colors, from the standard blue to black to those weird white ones nobody likes. I have a pair in a lighter, more worn out blue. Normally I prefer darker jeans, but the lighter ones in this style look like a true classic. It’s worth noting that the denim on the 514 appears to be a little thinner in the knees than the 527. This has led to mine looking like they’ve been tagged with a shotgun, but it does give them some character. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that will stay in mint condition for years to come, these probably aren’t the ones for you. That being said, they’re damn comfortable, and damn stylish.

These are the same age as the 527's in the previous image. As you can see, time has not been too kind to them.
These are the same age as the 527’s in the previous image. As you can see, time has not been too kind to them.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a diehard fan of Levi’s. I’ve gone as far as to buy a few button-up shirts from them even. Unfortunately, both of them fell victim to blown-out elbows, but not before a good year of wear and tear. I’ve tried several other Levi jeans as well, including their slim fit, skinny fit (we all had some kind of phase), and regular fit. It mostly comes down to preference, as we all have that certain something we like and we all have different body types. I will say that the skinny fit jeans seem to have some kind of stretchy material woven into the denim, which causes them to fall apart in a hurry. I think I subconsciously took this as a sign, and never went back to skinny jeans. We can all be thankful for that.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the second issue of the Mundane. Let me know if you’d like to see me start doing anything differently with these, as this is as new for me as it is for you… unless you just started reading, in which case, at least scroll to the top of the article. Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes to the screen, as I’ve got a few more surprises in store for you all later this week. Until next time!

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