These boots were made for destroying: Ode to boots and Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

Roughly two years ago I made my maiden voyage to Texas to meet my now-fiancée’s (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Valerie and I are engaged now!) parents. Before we left, a big part of me knew I would likely be returning with a nice pair of boots. Upon arriving in Texas I immediately began looking for that special pair of boots that would catch my eye. My first attempt at finding my ideal boots was made at the Houston Rodeo, as I thought there would be no better place to look. If the Houston Rodeo – arguably the epitome of what makes Texas, Texas –  didn’t have boots, who would? But alas, my search was in vain.

It was the final full day of our Texas trip and time was running out, when I finally laid eyes on a glorious pair of Justin Boots resting on the shelf in Cavender’s. I slipped them on and immediately knew they would be my first boots. The heel support was incredible, the fit was the definition of perfection, and they looked great. I have since worn them just about every day, no matter the occasion.

My boots had been holding up pretty well up until a week ago. That’s when it happened – salt, salt everywhere. It’s no secret that it gets horribly cold in the Midwest. It’s also no secret that when it gets cold, things freeze and people panic. In this panic a lot of people tend to overreact and salt the ground like it’s a French fry. This salt, while great for melting ice, is also great at eating through the shiny finish on leather. I was unaware of this last fact, so you can imagine my reaction when I looked down at my boots and didn’t see shining leather, but a pair of spotted boots that looked like they’d been through World War III.

Boots, I should have been better to you.
Boots, I should have been better to you.

I refused to give up on my beloved boots and did what I do best: I searched the internet for an answer. Lo and behold, a few minutes of searching and Amazon presented me with a product that was not only affordable, but also highly rated. Most importantly, people said it worked! I present to you, Leather Honey Leather Conditioner.


I ordered the product without hesitation and received it two days later, thanks to Amazon’s excellent Prime shipping. I hadn’t conditioned my boots before (this is the part where seasoned boot owners shun me for life), so I was a bit leery going into it. Using a microfiber cloth made for leather cleaning, I began applying the conditioner to the worn parts of my boots. Within minutes I saw a difference. The color had darkened back to its original state, and the leather felt soft again. Leather Honey does warn that the conditioner is known to darken leather, but this wasn’t a concern of mine as my boots were originally very dark.

It’s now been close to a week and my boots are still looking great. The color has faded a bit, giving it a more natural, worn look, while the leather still feels as soft as it did when I purchased them

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with Leather Honey’s product, as it didn’t just provide a band aid solution, it turned back time. Whether you’re a proud owner of boots, a leather wallet, or any other leather product, I highly recommend it.

Boots may not be the norm in Indiana, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love wearing mine. Now, thanks to some miracle product, I’m able to keep wearing them, hopefully for many years to come. My advice to you fellow boot owners is simple: The next time you step outside into the snow, be aware of the buried leather destroyer hidden within it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to daydream about stepping outside into warm weather…In my boots of course.

Thanks, Leather Honey, for restoring these to their former glory!
Thanks, Leather Honey, for restoring these to their former glory!

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