2014: A Year of Firsts

I like to think that life never has to be dull, no matter the setting, the people, the time – there is a way to make life exciting. This wasn’t always the case, but since Valerie entered my life in 2012, I have approached life with a renewed sense of sight, making sure to take advantage of every possibility life offers. One could say I’ve carpe’d my fair share of diem. I also just lost a chunk of my reader base with that last sentence. I don’t blame you.

2014 absolutely epitomized my refreshed outlook on life, as it brought many firsts. The very end of 2013 marked the beginning of my new career, and 2014 saw me hit my one year anniversary in that role. During that year I saw myself grow as a copywriter, better my critical thinking skills, and make some new friends.

In April I traveled with Valerie and her family to San Antonio for the first time, where I experienced Fiesta, my first crawfish and genuine Cajun food, excellent margaritas, food, music, and drinking in the streets. It was the best vacation of my life. If you haven’t been to San Antonio, I highly recommend it. Wait until April and experience the glory that is Fiesta. You won’t regret it, I promise.

There's no such thing as a small margarita in San Antonio, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
There’s no such thing as a small margarita in San Antonio, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While in San Antonio I also found myself in the midst of acquiring a new freelance job at Droid Gamers. The timing was inconvenient at best, but with the help of Valerie and some family in Austin, I was able to write a sample article on my phone, edit it on a Linux computer,  send it off, and land the job. While I don’t write with them as often as I would like, I still occasionally write for a website I have followed for a few years. That’s pretty dang cool if you ask me.

Remember...making out in front of the Alamo.
Remember…making out in front of the Alamo.

Not long after our incredibly awesome San Antonio trip was our journey to Troy, Michigan, where one of Valerie’s brothers was getting married. It was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful part of Michigan (it’s hard not to find a beautiful spot in Michigan). I experienced firsthand the “Michigan U-turn,” which I’m glad to have witnessed, but hope to never witness again. Also, did you know there are malls that offer concierge services? Michigan knows.

Capping off the year was the launching of this very website. Starting a website had been something I talked about weekly, for years. Valerie eventually gave me a subtle push in the right direction and told me to “just do it.” A quick glance at several providers and a few clicks later, and Landlocked Living was born. While I’ve only been writing on here for a few months now, I can say without a doubt it’s been one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Thank you all for making this possible.

I didn't snap any pictures in Michigan and I love Texas sunsets. I'm sorry I'm not sorry!
I didn’t snap any pictures in Michigan and I love Texas sunsets. I’m sorry I’m not sorry!

One article could never capture all of 2014. It was a year jam-packed with good food, good company, and good vibrations (I couldn’t resist). I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings, but will never forget 2014 and its greatness. I hope last year was good to all of you, and that 2015 is even better!

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