The Hardy Boys and the Case of the Missing Writer

I’ve always thought the introduction of, “People often ask me, blah blah blah,” was a total cop-out. Clearly the writer or speaker hasn’t thought of a decent way to segue into their topic, so they’ve instead framed the entire piece as having conversational relevance. Don’t try and fool us, we all know people don’t ask you “that.” 

So, people often ask me, “John, what’s it like, having your birthday so close to Christmas?” It’s a lot of things. It’s great, it’s terrible, it’s festivity overload, it’s tiring, and it’s a blast. When I was a kid I absolutely loved everything about it. The Christmas tree was often still up during my birthday, making it my birthday tree as much as it was a Christmas tree. There was also usually snow, so I could start my birthday off with a killer breakfast and some sledding madness (my parents’ house has this hill that would scare even the most seasoned of sledders). During my obnoxious teen years, I generally loathed having my birthday a week after Christmas. Sledding was too much work, I didn’t get many presents for my birthday on account of Christmas, and Christmas was totally stealing my thunder. I have since grown up (thank God), and now enjoy every birthday.

This birthday has already started off with a bang. Valerie surprised me with two new Amiibos for my Wii U, Evangeline Lilly’s debut book – The Squickerwonkers, and Princess Mononoke on Blu-ray. For those of you that don’t know, Evangeline Lilly starred in Lost, my favorite show of all-time, and Princess Mononoke is easily one of my top 5 favorite films. All I need now is for this rain outside to turn into snow and it will be impossible for this day to get any better.

I don’t really know what any of this has to do with anything. It’s really just me making an ill-fated attempt to excuse my lack of writing as of late while pointing out that it’s my birthday. The holidays kicked my ass this year and stole most, if not all, of my free time. What little spare time I had left was spent saying hello to friends I hadn’t seen in a while, farewell to others I saw rather often, and having fun with family members. I regret nothing.

This Christmas was a particularly good one, dare I say, the best I’ve ever had. I spent some quality time with my family in Illinois at the annual Christmas Eve party. Gifts were exchanged, food was eaten, and fun was had by all. Following the annual party was a great time at my parents’ house on Christmas day. For the past two years we went to the state park to spend some time freezing in the cold, which was always great, as the park is incredibly pretty during the winter. This year, however, Valerie and I vowed to act like children this Christmas and not leave the house. It was fantastic. I also got a new graphics card for my computer, which has resulted in me still not leaving the house, and playing tons of videogames. Yes, the truth comes out, I have been neglecting my sworn duty as a writer because of gaming. I’m sorry. If it’s any consolation, the latest Wolfenstein game kicks serious ass and looks great on my computer.

This apology is terrible, but I hope you all can find it in your hearts to forgive me for my negligence. Despite the amount of fun I was having this holiday season, I still thought about my website gathering dust, and ultimately, I thought about you – my readers. I hope all of you have had a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year’s eve. Normally I don’t put too much stock into  New Year’s resolutions, but this year I plan on taking mine seriously. You know the saying, “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter?” Well, I’ve realized that I am the bullshitter, bullshitting myself. To put it eloquently – I am a dreamer more than a doer. 2015 marks the end of this terrible habit, starting with today’s post. Last year saw a ton of changes, which I plan on chronicling more thoroughly next week (you can all hold me to that, per my resolution). This year, I hope to continue moving forward with my career path. More importantly, I look forward to seeing where this website takes us. Also, keep your eyes open for a Six-Pack Saturday post that won’t be about beer and likely won’t appear on a Saturday. It will be written by me, so there’s a little continuity at least. Happy holidays and happy New Year to you all! Oh, and happy birthday to me. Ahh, it never gets old.

Here's to a great year!
Here’s to a great year!

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