The Taste of Fall: Liquid Apple Pie

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, the fall has a lot of things that make it great, one of which is the seasonal drinks and eats. Whether it’s a food or a beverage, if it’s fall-themed it probably has some kind of spice action going on. From hard cider to pumpkin pie, spices are never in short supply during the fall. My good friend, Rob, introduced me to a new and deliciously spiced addition to my growing family of fall drinks: apple pie.

There are numerous adult beverages that go by the name of apple pie, many of which are some form of moonshine. While the drink Rob introduced me to may not be moonshine-based, it still packs quite a wallop and it’s still very, very tasty. It’s also a breeze to make.


What you’ll need:

  1. Rumchata – 1 oz.
  2. Caramel Apple Vodka – 1 oz. I used Pinnacle brand, but any brand should be fine.
  3. Apple Cider – 1 cup. For the best flavor, find a local cider. Nothing beats fresh cider!
  4. Optional – A splash of your favorite cinnamon whisky really brings this drink to life!

I used a measuring cup to make my drink exact. First, pour a cup of the cider into the measuring cup. Then, add the vodka to the cider. Following this, pour the Rumchata into the glass you’ll be drinking out of. By pouring it into the glass without the other alcohol and cider, you will minimalize the curdling of the Rumchata (it will still curdle, but nowhere near as much). Next, pour the mixture from the measuring cup into the glass with the Rumchata. Finally, add a splash of cinnamon whisky if you want a little extra spice.

There you have it! The drink should be a light, almost milky color. There will be some slight curdling from the Rumchata, which results in some little bits here and there on the sides of the glass. This is normal, so don’t worry. I’ve been debating trying this drink with a hard cider in place of the apple cider, but I have yet to find the courage. If you try this, let me know how it tasted and shoot me a comment down below! I hope you enjoy this drink as much as I have, and that it brings a little more flavor to your fall!


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