Six-Pack Saturday: Fountain Square Brewing Company’s Preacher’s Daughter Amber Ale

Every city – big or small – has that special little nook where aspiring chefs, artists, musicians, and others flock to blaze their own trails. In the bustling city of Indianapolis, Fountain Square is that nook.

In 2010, Fountain Square Brewing Company decided to make their own mark on Fountain Square. Their slogan, “bringing science to the art of brewing,” seems only logical as they have backgrounds in microbiology, automation, and chemistry. While their know-how and skillsets are impressive, how is the beer? Find out on this edition of Six-Pack Saturday, where I review Fountain Square Brewing Co.’s Preacher’s Daughter Amber Ale.


The Basics

Preacher’s Daughter Amber Ale is one of Fountain Square Brewing Co.’s six available beers. It is advertised as a blend of citrusy hops and caramel and biscuit malts. It’s far from a light beer at a hefty 6.0% ABV.


The first sip of this beer immediately exhibits the advertised citrusy hops. It’s a long way from being as bitter as an India Pale Ale, but the hops are definitely present and give the ale a pleasant bite. Any bitterness this beer could have had is quickly nullified by the malt, which hits the taste buds almost immediately after drink hits your tongue. The malts not only give the beer a delightful finish, but also add a creamy, almost vanilla-like taste. The aftertaste wraps the drink up with a happy ending, and leaves a sweet but nutty taste.

Through and through, Preacher’s Daughter Amber Ale has a great and very unique flavor. The slight bite the hops provide coupled with the smoothness of the caramel and biscuit malts results in a taste I don’t see myself growing tired of.

This is one handsome beer.
This is one handsome beer.


The advertised citrusy hops and rather high ABV made me wonder if this beer would pack a punch. While the alcoholic content becomes apparent after one or two dances with the Preacher’s Daughter, I am happy to report that the beer goes down smooth. The hops, as mentioned before, give the drink a slight bite, but do nothing in the way of making the beer hard to drink. The malts only add to this pleasantness and make the beer that much smoother. Overall, this is one smooth and easy drinking beer.


The unique taste, solid drinkability, and price all make this one great beer. I love supporting regional brewers as well, so this one is a no-brainer. I will definitely be purchasing this one again in the future, and look forward to trying Fountain Square Brewing Co.’s other brews. Don’t let the science behind the beer scare you off, try this one the first chance you get.

For science!
For science!

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