My Top 5 Films for October: Laugh until you scream

To many people, October marks the first full month of autumn. For me, it’s a month for watching copious amounts of slasher films while imbibing a disturbing amount of candy. My mind and body (teeth excluded) are ready, bring on the horror films.

I think it goes without saying that a lot of the following films are intended for mature audiences, meaning children nor myself should watch them. Discretion is advised!

Ginger Snaps

The Ginger Snaps trilogy. This series follows two teenage sisters, Ginger and Brigitte. When one of them is bitten by a werewolf, they must not only attempt to hide the transformation but figure out a way to stop the infection from spreading. This movie does a great job capturing the essence of high school life, while dishing out plenty of scares and tacky special effects. This movie is a perfect addition to any horror film night, although I wouldn’t advise watching it with Mom or Dad.

You're Next

You’re Next takes the slasher genre and turns it onto its head. A young woman goes with her fiancée to his parents’ house out in the woods (of course) for a family gathering. The tender reunion is short-lived, when a trio of people in animal masks begin picking off the family members one by one. If you’re a fan of slasher films and enjoy some great jump scares, this film is sure to entertain. That said, this one is definitely not for the squeamish, as it sports some very graphic scenes of violence.

Tucker and Dale

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil takes the horror-comedy genre to a whole new level. Tucker and Dale are two good ol’ boys who are looking forward to enjoying their first weekend in their summer home at the lake. Similarly, a group of college kids are heading to the lake to enjoy some fun in the sun as well. What begins as a miscommunication quickly results in a body count that is only matched by the amount of comedy gold in this movie. This one is sure to please horror and comedy fans alike.


Cabin in the Woods follows in the footsteps of the comedy masterpiece that is Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. When a group of college kids head out to their friend’s lake house, they expect a weekend of heavy drinking, sex, and fun. What they don’t expect is to be at the forefront of a government conspiracy involving horror movie clichés and their imminent demise. Loaded with blatant comedy and clever satire, this movie succeeds at providing jump scares and laughs while pleasing the more astute viewers.


Black Death, unlike the others in this list, brings the pace down several notches and amps up the eerie atmosphere. When a monastery hears of a small village bringing the dead back to life during the first outbreak of the bubonic plague, they send a monk and a group of soldiers to investigate. What begins as a harmless investigation quickly looks more and more like a not-so-harmless situation. History, horror, and a great atmosphere all collide in this killer drama starring the always great Sean Bean.


Honorable mention


Trick ‘r Treat is another great example of horror and humor done right. Told through several perspectives over the course of Halloween night, Trick ‘r Treat follows several different characters who all have a terrifying encounter. From Little Red Riding Hood to a gang of ill-fated trick-or-treaters, the characters in this film are all well-acted and original. Fantastic production and direction make this one great any time of the year. Perhaps even more terrifying than the film itself is its strange and long-winded release cycle. Originally set to release in the autumn of 2007, this movie didn’t see the light of day until 2009. Once you see it you’ll be glad it finally found its way onto shelves. I wholeheartedly recommend this one to fans of horror, b-movies, and comedy.

I hope you’ve found this list helpful and manage to watch at least one of these wonderful films. While most of them are a far cry from the traditional horror film, they all bring something original and fun to the table. Each one of them – the ever-depressing Black Death aside – is sure to give you numerous laughs while turning your stomach. What are your favorite movies to watch in October?

Happy October, readers!

3 Comments for “My Top 5 Films for October: Laugh until you scream”


Killer list! Tucker and Dale is one of my favorite movies for sure! I have never heard of Black Death but it looks great. I know a lot of people hate on Rob Zombie movies and say they lack professionalism, but that is kind of what I like about them. I like just about all of them. The last “scary” movie I really watched was probably last Halloween and it was Rob Zombie’s “The Lords of Salem.”

Cheesy sometimes? Sure. Could have done things better/differently? Sure. But for what it is, I really liked it.



while I love most things that Rob Zombie does, I could not get behind Lords of Salem. It seemed to have potential, but it was rushed into a sloppy ending.
The Ginger Snaps movies are pretty sweet. Personally, I enjoy a shitload of Vincent Price movies this time of year (and really all the time).

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